Brigham Young Cougars 2011 NFL Draft Primer

The outlook for former Brigham Young Cougars in this week’s NFL draft isn’t very bright. Nevertheless, three former Cougars could have free agent contracts by this time next week.

Each year BLUE COUGAR FOOTBALL lists three potential teams for BYU’s top prospects. Remember, I don’t profess to be a draft guru. I will try to not get very unconventional in my choices and reasoning.

Vic So’oto, DE
1. Houston Texans. After reading this Yahoo! Sports report for the Houston Texans, I think So’oto would be a good fit for what they need—an outside linebacker who can rush the passer. So’oto is athletic enough, he could get back in pass coverage sometimes, if necessary. He did intercept a pass against TCU this year.

2. San Diego Chargers. The Chargers are So’oto’s hometown team. Carlsbad is just 35 miles up the coast. There are a lot of defensive needs in San Diego, including defensive end and outside linebacker (3-4 scheme). They will want to bring in as many bodies as possible to fill those needs.

3. New Orleans Saints. The production from the Saints’ defensive ends hasn’t been satisfactory. Sean Payton seems like the kind of guy that would like Bronco Mendenhall coached players.

Brian Logan, CB
1. Oakland Raiders. Speaking of unconventional, Al Davis and the Raiders are the ones that drafted defensive back Mike Mitchell from Ohio University in the second round two years ago. They have also signed multiple Cougars in recent years (Todd Watkins, David Nixon, Manase Tonga). With Nnamdi Asomugha gone, the Raiders have an opening.

2. Baltimore Ravens. This would be a dream come true for a defensive player. Three cornerbacks will be free agents. Logan has always played bigger than his size, which he will have to do if he wants to join this defensive minded ball club.

3. Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles need cornerbacks. Logan’s size makes it difficult for him to be the physical, aggressive corner the Eagles like. However, Andy Reid is a BYU guy. If Logan has nowhere else to go, he might give Logan a chance to try out.

Andrew Rich, SS
1. Philadelphia Eagles. This analysis of the Eagles made me think that Rich would fit in there. Rich has size that Kurt Coleman lacks. As mentioned, Reid is still there in Philly and could pull some strings to get Rich into camp. The other thing about Rich is you know he is going to give you 100% effort every play.

2. Houston Texans. The same Yahoo! Sports report also talks about the Texans’ need at strong safety. It says the Texans want a strong safety who can also play free safety. I remember Bronco saying Rich could play either when the free safety spot was unsettled last year.

3. Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals only have two safeties under contract for 2011. The culture in the Bengals locker room needs to change. Signing Rich would be a good way to help that.

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