Poinsettia Bowl records BYU could break or tie

The last two seasons, the Brigham Young Cougars have played in bowl games with a short history. This has resulted in BYU and its players breaking or tying several records for the respective bowls. In 2010, BYU set or tied 42 team and individual New Mexico Bowl records. Last year, BYU set or tied 17 team and individual Armed Forces Bowl records. The Poinsettia Bowl is another one of the newer bowls, which means the Cougars could repeat the record breaking performances of the last two years.

Here is a list of Poinsettia Bowl records that BYU, somewhat realistically, could break or tie. 

Team Records


Most Rushing TDs
5: Navy, 2005

BYU rushed for 5 TDs against Hawaii, and 4 TDs against Weber State and Georgia Tech.  


Most Points
51: Navy, 2005

BYU scored 52 points in a game once this season.

Fewest Points
7: NIU, 2006

The BYU defense has held four opponents to 7 points or less.

Fewest Points (both teams)
33: Boise State vs TCU, 2008

BYU has had three games this season with fewer total points scored.

Largest Margin of Victory
30: NIU vs. TCU, 2006 

BYU has beaten four opponents by 30 points or more this season, and BYU has beaten San Diego State by 30 or more many times.


Highest Average per Punt
48.0 Boise State, 2008

BYU has averaged over 48 yards per punt many times this season.


Largest Attendance
48,049: Navy vs. SDSU

San Diego State is the hometown team, and BYU usually draws well in San Diego.

Individual Records


Most Rushes
28: Ronnie Hillman, SDSU, 2010

Jamaal Williams carried the ball 28 times at Georgia Tech.

Most TDs Rushing
3: Reggie Campbell, Navy, 2005
3: Jeff Ballard, TCU, 2006
3: Ronnie Hillman, SDSU, 2010

Jamaal Williams had 3 rushing TDs at Georgia Tech.

Longest Run
44: Reggie Campbell, Navy, 2007

Jamaal Williams has a 49-yard run this season.

Longest TD Run
43: Eric Kettani, Navy, 2007


Most Attempts
48: Colby Cameron, La Tech, 2011

Riley Nelson and James Lark have both thrown more than 48 passes in a single game this season.

Most Completions
26: Justin Holland, CSU, 2005
26: Jordan Wynn, Utah, 2009

Riley Nelson and James Lark have both completed 28 or more passes in a single game this season.

Most Yards Passing
381: Justin Holland, CSU, 2005

James Lark passed for 384 yards against New Mexico State.

Most TD Passes
3: Justin Holland, CSU, 2005
3: Jordan Wynn, Utah, 2009

Riley Nelson and James Lark have both passes for 3 touchdowns or more in a single game this season.


Most Pass Receptions
9: David Anderson, CSU, 2005

Cody Hoffman has had double-digit receptions in both of the last two games.

Most Receiving Yards
165: Vincent Brown, SDSU, 2010

Hoffman had 182 yards receiving against New Mexico State

Most Receiving TDs
2: Dustin Osborn, CSU, 2005
2: Reggie Campbell, Navy, 2005
2: Kendrick Moeai, Utah, 2009

Hoffman has caught 3 TDs or more in three games this season, and 3 TDs in both of his previous bowl games.


Longest Field Goal
39: Joey Bullen, Navy, 2007

Placekicking has been bad this year, but 39-yards isn’t that long of a field goal.  Justin Sorensen's longest field goal this season is 35 yards.

Longest Punt
67: Anson Kelton, TCU, 2011

Riley Stephenson has one 67-yard punt in his career

Highest Average per Punt
48.0: Kyle Brotzman, TCU, 2008

Riley Stephenson has averaged over 48 yards per punt six times this season, including both of the last two games.

Highest Punt Return Average
14.8: Brian Bonner, TCU, 2006

JD Falslev has averaged 15 yards or more three times this season. The last two bowl games he has averaged 14.7 and 21.0 yards per punt return.

Longest Punt Return
22: Brian Bonner, TCU, 2006

JD Falslev has four punt returns longer than 22 yards this year. He has had one return of 22 yards in each of the last two bowl games.


Highest Kickoff Return Average
38.0: Shaky Smithson, Utah, 2009

JD Falslev averaged 43 yards per kickoff return at Georgia Tech.


Most QB Sacks
3: Tyler Tidwell, Navy, 2005

Kyle Van Noy had 3 sacks at New Mexico State

Most Fumble Recoveries
1: Jeff Horinek, CSU, 2005
1: Joe Jiannoni, Utah, 2007

Any BYU player who recovers a fumble in the game will tie this record.

Most Interceptions
1: (13 tied) 

Any BYU player who intercepts a pass will tie this record.

The complete Poinsettia Bowl records can be found here. 

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