Friday Mailbag: Joe DuPaix in Atlanta, High School Coaching Changes, and BYU Recruit in the Bayou

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On to the mailbag.

Did you see Coach [Joe] DuPaix tweeting about the Atlanta Falcons? I have heard about college coaches visiting other universities to learn some tricks of the trade, but visiting NFL teams is news to me. Sounds exciting.

The exact tweet from @CoachJoeDuPaix was “Seeing the Atlanta Falcons practice the past two days has been fantastic – they are doing some great stuff.”

I agree that it is exciting to know that BYU football coaches are out and about with NFL teams. Bronco Mendenhall and the entire defensive staff visited the Houston Texans a few weeks ago. Why DuPaix would choose the Falcons is a mystery to me. It seems he is about six years too late. Matt Ryan does not fit the type of quarterback and offensive direction BYU has said it is taking. If Michael Vick was still there, then Atlanta would be the logical place to visit.

As I wrote back in April, my preference would be for the BYU offensive coaches to visit Philadelphia—Michael Vick’s current team. The Eagles seem to be a much better offensive fit. Anyways, I guess the trip to Atlanta can’t hurt. It is hard to imagine that a college coach couldn’t take away some good tips from a visit to any NFL franchise.


I, for one, am concerned about a Whittingham being the head coach at Timpview High School. Where would BYU football be without the great Timpview players like Harvey Unga and Eathyn Manumaleuna? Hard to imagine Cary Whittingham won’t try and funnel players to his brother up at Utah.

The family tie between Cary and Kyle Whittingham does create a delicate situation. I find it impossible to believe there won’t be any impact. It can be something as simple as Cary encouraging his players to attend a University of Utah function. Recently, Dave Peck at Bingham High School did this with one of his players. He urged lifelong Utah fan Keegan Hicks to attend BYU’s Junior Day, and that led to Hicks committing to play at BYU.

One thing that has always bothered me about Kyle Whittingham coaching for Utah is that, allegedly, the entire family has switched allegiances. The Whittinghams were a hard core BYU family. From father Fred to sons Kyle, Cary, and Fred, Jr. they all played football at BYU. I can understand that Kyle needs a job, and even that family members want to see him do well in his chosen profession. But, why does Kyle taking the head coaching job at Utah require all family members to forsake BYU?

Let’s say my brother was the owner of a Toyota dealership. I was promoted to be the manager for an automobile production plant that manufactured cars for Honda. Honda and the plant have enjoyed an excellent working relationship for several years. Should I disrupt the good thing this plant has with Honda because my brother is a Toyota dealer? No way. My brother and I are family, but he does not define who I am or control my every move.

The Timpview community is strongly rooted in BYU. It seems very prudent that Cary not mix work and family. Pushing just one big recruit away from BYU to Utah could create enough controversy to put his job in jeopardy. Cary has been at Timpview for years as an assistant coach. Hopefully, he will follow the status quo for recruiting.

Timpview is one of the premier high school coaching jobs in the state. It would seem foolish for Cary to do anything to put his job at risk, especially since Utah has been doing just fine the last several years without any Timpview recruits.


Pretty shocking news about the Cottonwood High School football coach resigning. BYU has been missing on elite Cottonwood football players. Would be nice to have a pro-BYU guy get the job.

As I noted above, I do think the head coach plays a role in where recruits choose to play. That, however, is just one dynamic of the situation. I don’t know enough about Cottonwood High School to know if pressures exist the same way they do at Timpview for kids to play at certain schools. It is important to note that Josh Lyman had only been Cottonwood’s coach for two years, and guys like Stanley Havili have been going other places besides BYU well before 2010. However, if a BYU guy like Louis Wong ended up at Cottonwood, it couldn’t hurt.


Trey Quinn is probably a long shot for BYU to get, but his story is exciting. After just one year of independence and the exposure on ESPN and look what is happening.

This class of 2014 wide receiver is from Babre High School in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He runs a 4.5 40-yard dash, and former BYU wide receiver Austin Collie is his favorite NFL wide receiver. His interest in BYU started by watching some games on ESPN.

It sounds like a to-good-to-be-true fairy tale. If he signs with BYU, Quinn could become the poster boy of BYU independence. All those vague references by Bronco Mendenhall to independence paying off would be validated.

I don’t know what the chances are for BYU to land him. He is an elite baseball player who may go straight to Major League Baseball after high school. BYU could offer to let him play both football and baseball to sweeten the pot. The take home message for BYU fans should be that the exposure BYU is gaining through independence is real.

Should Quinn take the baseball route out of high school and later decide to return to football, a la Brandon Weeden and Chris Weinke, that may make BYU more attractive. Quinn would be older and may prefer a team environment with older and more mature players, which BYU has with its scores of return missionaries.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

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  1. At least three coaches and a g.a. Have been at Eagles practices this week. That straight from an Eagle players mouth

    1. That is great to hear. Thanks for sharing.


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