BYU Football: Did you know? (Win-Loss Record With and Without Luke Staley)

Typically, a the quarterback is the player that is associated with a team's win-loss record. From 1999-2001, a running back seems to have had a great impact on the Brigham Young Cougars' win-loss record.
Did you know that BYU was 23-7 (0.767)  in games that Luke Staley played and just 3-5 (0.375) in games that he didn't play?
The breakdown by season is as follows:

With Staley: 7-2
Without Staley: 1-2 (Utah State, Wyoming, Utah)

With Staley: 5-5
Without Staley: 1-1 (Virginia, Mississippi State)

With Staley: 11-0
Without Staley: 1-2 (New Mexico, Hawaii, Louisville)

Of the three wins that BYU had without Staley, two were overtime wins (34-31 vs. Utah State, 1999; 38-35 vs. Virginia, 2000). In the third, the Cougar offense severely underperformed and BYU barely beat New Mexico 24-20 (BYU was averaging 51 points a game before this game; BYU scored 63 points the next week when Staley returned).

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