BYU Football: Did you know? (Top Individual Marks)

The Brigham Young Cougars Athletic Department has worked hard to put together an almanac for the football program. Part of that almanac is a section entitled “BYU Football Top Individual Marks.” This part of the almanac tracks the Top 10 marks for individual BYU players in several different statistical categories.

It has been a great resource for the Top 10 BYU Freshman list. While looking at these lists of top individual marks in a single season, I have noticed BYU has “rewrote the record book” since the year 2000.
Did you know that 93 of the Top Individual Marks for a single season have come in the last 12 seasons (2000-2011)?
These 93 marks in 27 statistical categories represent 35% of the best individual performances in school history (Note: The math used was 93 divided by 265 because the “100-yard Rushing Games” category had only the top 5.)

I don’t know about you, but 35% seems really high for just a 12-year period. That is more than one-third.

Here is the summary of how many top 10 marks have been reached in each statistical category the last 12 seasons. (To see the complete lists, click here.) Keep in mind, this is only for the “Season” subcategory, and does not take into account the “Game” and “Career” subcategories.

Total Offense: 2

Passing Yards: 2
Passing Completions: 3
Touchdown passes: 4
Pass Completion Percentage: 4

Rushing Yards: 6
100-Yard Rushing Games: 3 (out of 5)
Rushing Attempts: 4
Rushing Touchdowns: 3

Receptions: 3
Receiving Yards: 4
100-Yard Receiving Games: 4
Tight End Receptions: 4
Receiving Touchdowns: 2

All-Purpose Yards: 6
Total Touchdowns: 5
Points Scored: 8
Points Scored (Non-Kickers): 4

Interceptions: 0
Sacks: 1

Punt Return Yards: 0
Punt Returns: 0
Kickoff Return Yards: 4
Kickoff Returns: 4

Field Goal Conversions: 4
Field Goal Attempts: 3
Field Goal Percentage: 6

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