Poll Results: How many BYU players will be drafted by the NFL in 2012?

The prevailing opinion of Brigham Young Cougars fans is that two former players will be selected in the upcoming NFL draft. Nearly half of all voters (48%) gave this response. Another 28% of the voters felt that just one former player would be selected. The remaining voters were equally split between being overly optimistic and excessively pessimistic. "Three or more" players and "zero" players each received 12% of the vote.

I will join myself with the crowd and say two.

Offensive lineman Matt Reynolds and defensive lineman Hebron Fangupo have consistently been projected at middle round draft picks. I feel confident that both will be selected. They might fall to the 6th or 7th rounds, but they will hear their names called during the draft.

If Jordan Pendleton was healthy, I would predict that he would be drafted as well. Since he is not, Pendleton is destined for free agency. I will be shocked, however, if he isn't picked up in free agency. When healthy, Pendleton has tremendous potential.

Following the BYU pro day, McKay Jacobson got a lot of praise from Gil Brandt. Brandt is, possibly, the most respected draft guru in the business. Brandt went as far as saying Jacobson could be drafted in the final round of the draft. The flattery is nice, but BYU players like Jacobson typically fall, not rise, during the draft. I don't think Jacobson will be drafted, however, I am now optimistic about his free agency chances.

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