Thursday Trivia: Playing A Former Conference Member In A Bowl Game

The correct answer to the last trivia question "How many players from the 1996 roster played in the Canadian Football League?" is 9. They were: Steve Sarkisian, Omarr Morgan, Ben Cahoon, Kevin Feterik, Harland Ah You, Shay Muirbrook, James Dye, Ben Archibald, and Ronney Jenkins.

On to this week's question. On Monday, I threw out the idea of the annual BYU-Utah game being played as a bowl game. Even if that never happens, the two teams still might play each other in a bowl sometime in the future now that they are not in the same conference. Therefore, this week’s trivia question asks:
How many times has BYU played a former conference member in a bowl game?
Leave your answer in the comments section. Come back next week when the answer is revealed and a new trivia question is asked.

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