Poll Results: Do your feelings about an NFL team change if they draft a BYU player?

In response to the latest poll question, "Do your feelings about an NFL team change if they draft a BYU player?" the overwhelming majority (85%) was "yes."

Count me as part of the majority. I have always based my fandom of NFL teams on whether or not they had former Brigham Young Cougars on their rosters. When Steve Young played for the 49ers, they were my number one team. Now, I don't follow them at all. The Philadelphia Eagles have had a long track record of carrying former Cougars on their roster since Vai Sikahema, Ty Detmer, and Chad Lewis throughout the 1990s. With Andy Reid as the head coach now, I still find a reason to root for the Eagles, even when they don't have any former BYU stars playing. However, the day that Reid is gone, if Philly doesn't have any former Cougars, then they will get little of my attention.

Even when the team is one I don't particularly like (Oakland Raiders), when it has BYU players I can better look past the issues I have with the franchise and root for that team to succeed.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Don't forget to vote in this week's question: "Aside from a possible BCS bowl, could BYU have done better than the Armed Forced Bowl in 2011?"

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