Poll Results: Is pairing BYU and Utah in the same bowl every year a good idea?

The poll results were overwhelmingly against this idea. “No” received 88% of the vote.

I would vote “No” as well. There are only two reasons why BYU and Utah might attempt to arrange an annual bowl meeting:

1-They want to continue to play every year, but uncontrollable forces prevent it from happening during the regular season; and

2-They want to go back to a cold weather climate for the game, and the Pac-12 won’t allow the game to be played in November.

Whether or not these are good reasons is very debatable. I only threw the idea out there as an attempt to blend a couple of themes filled with uncertainty right now: the possible new BYU bowl, BYU’s long term bowl future, and the long term future of the Holy War. In the end, it presents a lot of challenges, and is probably too far outside the bowl box for fans to embrace it enough for it to be successful.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Don’t forget to vote in this week’s poll: “How should BYU football from 1986-1988 be viewed?"

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