Poll Results: Which TD Pass Was More Important?

The poll from last week has closed, and the TD pass from the UNLV game that was voted more important was the long bomb to Cody Hoffman with 82% of the votes.

If I had voted, my vote would have been for this TD pass. While the Luke Ashworth TD with the yards after catch is the type of play that should be a staple in any effective passing game, I feel the BYU passing game, at that time, needed the bomb more. BYU had made a handful of intermediate range throws with some yards after catch, but until Jake Heaps connected with Cody Hoffman on that touchdown, BYU had not completed a pass that traveled 30+ yards down field.

Thank you to all who participated. Don't forget to vote in this week's poll, "If BYU wins the next 2 games, should Bronco Mendenhall be the MWC coach of the year?"