Cougar Kickoff Countdown: 78 Days until BYU at Virginia

78 yards rushing
Dave Swanson, 1969
Fred Whittingham vs. Oregon, 1989

78 yards receiving
Lakei Heimuli vs. Oregon State, 1986
Chris Smith vs. New Mexico, 1990

78 rushes
Steve Straton, 1972

78 receptions
Homer Jones, 1979-80

78 tackles in a season
Brad Smith, 1984
Dana Wilgar, 1976
Jeff Slipp, 1968

78 combined points scored
BYU 41, Texas A&M 37 (August 24, 1996)

78th career touchdown pass for Jim McMahon
11 yards to Glen Kozlowski in the 4th quarter at Colorado State in 1981 to give BYU a 49-14 lead

78 years ago
1935--BYU was 4-4. The Cougars scored a total of 78 points the entire season. Biggest win: at Western State, 21-2. BYU also beat Arizona State, 13-0, in the first meeting between the two schools.

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