BYU Football: Did you know? (A 10 Win Season Every Decade)

The Brigham Young Cougars recently completed a 10 win football season. It was BYU’s first 10 win season of the 10s decade.

Did you know that BYU has won 10 or more games at least once every decade since the 1970s?
That is five decades with a decade of wins in a season at least once. Here is how it breaks down:

11-1 in 1979

12-1 in 1980
11-2 in 1981
11-1 in 1983
13-0 in 1984
11-3 in 1985
10-3 in 1989

10-3 in 1990 and 1994
14-1 in 1996

12-2 in 2001
11-2 in 2006, 2007, and 2009
10-3 in 2008

10-3 in 2011

Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Florida State, Michigan, and Nebraska are the other six schools that can boast the same.

Understanding that the 10s have only just begun, it should be pointed out that eight other schools could join BYU, and those listed above, if they have a 10 win season before 2020. Those schools are Arizona State, Colorado, Norte Dame, Ohio State*, Penn State, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington.

* = Ohio State won 12 games in 2010, but the school has vacated those wins as a form of self-discipline for the tattoo parlor scandal that came to light following that season. If those wins had not been vacated, then Ohio State would be included in the top group.

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  1. Part of the appeal of a nonBCS playoff is that it would give the participating teams extra wins compared to BCS teams. Thus, when statistics such as "wins this decade" or "wins in the last five years" or "wins by a starting QB" come up, nonBCS teams that go deep in the tournament would pop up. Having the extra games give extra chances for getting the universities name out there in a number of ways.


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