Poll Results: Which new coach will have the biggest first year impact?

The poll results are in. Offensive Coordinator Brandon Doman was voted as the new coach that would have the most impact with 56%. Wide Receivers coach Ben Cahoon was next with 32%. Joe DuPaix and Lance Reynolds both received 6%.

To answer this question, I looked at the 2010 performance for the running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, and offense. Then I tried to imagine how each will perform in 2011. DuPaix is definitely out for two reasons. First, the running back play was pretty good in 2010. Second, BYU is not Wisconsin. Two 1,000 yard rushers or a 2,000 yard rusher isn’t something BYU aims for. While BYU did well enough to have a 1,000 yard rusher for five straight seasons (2005-09), it takes an exceptional talent to get much more than 1,000 yards in BYU’s system.

The offense was playing pretty well at the end of last season. Four games with 40 points or more. From 2006-09 the offense was good enough to win 10 games or more. Each year the quarterback surpassed 3,500 yards passing to go along with the already mentioned 1,000 yard rusher. While I hope for and expect some offensive improvements, I don’t think the impact level will be that much. BYU is just too good already on offense.

Both wide receiver and tight end were major sore spots on the team last year. Between the two, tight end easily takes the prize for worst overall play. That makes Reynolds a logical pick. My vote, however, is for Coach Cahoon and the wide receivers.

I believe Reynolds will have the tight ends playing much better, but I expect Heaps to favor his receivers and will throw significantly more passes to them. In the end, the wide receivers will show the biggest improvement, thus giving Cahoon the greatest impact in 2011.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Don’t foreget to vote in this week’s question: “Who should be BYU’s #1 running back in 2011?”

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