Poll Results: When will Bronco formally announce that Heaps has won the QB competition?

Another poll has successfully closed. The leading vote getter was "at the end of spring practices" with 64%, followed by "after one week" with 24%. "Sometime during fall camp" was last with 12%.

After the reports quoting Bronco Mendenhall saying Jake Heaps "earned the rightful chance to begin the spring as our quarterback," the starting QB issue seems to have been put to rest. For me, to win the QB competition means to be named the starter for the season opener at Ole Miss. As I explained at length yesterday, that has not happened, but everyone in the mainstream media appears to be pacified. Therefore, I don’t expect the status quo to change until the date of the opener nears.

At this point, Bronco has a hang up over making Jake “the guy.” (I am not trying to say whether that is right or wrong. I am merely pointing out that it exists.) Once spring practices conclude, I expect Bronco will be very selective with his words and tell the team something to the effect that Jake has earned the rightful chance to lead the summer drills as the starting quarterback. Again, no mention of starting September 3 and beyond.

That is why my vote would be for “sometime during fall camp.”

Thank you to everyone who voted. Don’t foreget to vote in this week’s question: “Which new coach will have the biggest first year impact?”

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