Thursday Trivia: Former Players In The NFL Playoffs

The correct answer to last week’s trivia question "Who are the seven BYU players who have entered the NFL draft after their junior season?" is John Walsh (1995 NFL Draft), Eric Bateman (1998 NFL Draft), John Tait (1999 NFL Draft), Luke Staley (2002 NFL Draft), Bret Engemann (2003 NFL Draft), Austin Collie (2009 NFL Draft), and Harvey Unga (2010 NFL Supplemental Draft).

While the list of players leaving school early for the NFL draft isn't very long, BYU does have a long list of players who have had solid NFL careers. On several occasions, those careers have included playing deep into the playoffs. That leads to this week's question.
How many former BYU players are on the 8 NFL teams still in the playoffs?
Leave your answer in the comments section. Come back next week when the answer is revealed and a new trivia question is asked.

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