Reaction to the Rankings, 2010, Week 2

Following the Brigham Young Cougars 35-14 loss to the Air Force Falcons, BYU dropped out of the USA Today poll. BYU was also eliminated from every AP voter's ballot. It looks like Air Force picked up BYU's 30 points, and then some, in the AP poll. BYU still has 17 points from the coaches, which is good enough for the 37th spot.

I am not going to make any defense for BYU to still be ranked, because there is none. The overall team youth was exposed on Saturday. BYU was still in a great position to comeback and win after the two second quarter turnovers. However, it was clear to anyone watching the game that BYU hit the panic button at halftime. The offense and special teams were abysmal the entire second half, and the defense caved in after stopping Air Force's first two second half drives.

Anyways, back to the rankings. When could BYU re-enter the rankings? Even a win over Florida State this week probably won't get BYU back in. The Seminoles are not ranked in either of the polls, but they do have more votes than BYU. Perhaps after Nevada, assuming BYU is 3-1, but that would probably depend on some of the teams ahead of BYU losing. If BYU comes out of the first four games 2-2, then BYU will not see the rankings again unless they move to 5-2 with an upset of TCU, or 9-3 with a win over Utah. Anything less than that and BYU will probably see the four year run of being ranked come to an end.

What's your reaction to the rankings?


  1. As expected, really. Can't expect BYU to stay ranked after an early season loss like this. No reason to be discouraged, though. Much of this weeks loss can be chalked up to "growing pains," I think with good coaching and preparation, BYU has a good chance against FSU. Rankings wise, with the right teams losing, I think BYU could get back into the rankings with a victory over Florida State.

  2. I told you last week didn't I? I'm losing my faith in Bronco. I may just have to start throwing my support behind Boise State, now there's a real team!

  3. Jim, as much as I wish you were wrong, there is no denying that on Saturday BYU did not look like Top 100 material.

  4. I am with Jim. I think we are starting to see severe problems with Bronco's approach on coaching. His loyalty to more senior players is leading to the "best player" not being on the field. If he keeps making foreseeable mistakes that are taking away from the quality of the team, then the only way to fix the problem is to withdraw support.


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