Poll Results: How many total yards will J.J. DiLuigi have at the end of the year?

This poll resulted in a tie. Both 1,200-1299 and 1,400-1499 yards received 30% of the votes. The next highest vote getter was 1,300-1,399 with 20%. The remaining 20 percent were split 15 and 5 for 1,500-1,599 and 1,600+, respectively.

With one more game in the books, DiLuigi is on pace for 996 rushing yards and 600 receiving yards. That would be 1,596 yards. Those projections are based on a 12 game season. If BYU makes it to a bowl game, then those stats would be included as well.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Don't forget to vote in the new poll: When will Jake Heaps have his first 300 yard passing game?