Reaction to the Rankings: BYU is a Solid 22

A new set of rankings is out and BYU is a solid number 22. The Associated Press (AP), the USA Today (Coaches), the Harris polls, and, most importantly, the BCS Standings all have BYU at 22.

The only complaint I have against that is seeing three-loss Virginia Tech ahead of the Cougars. Right now, about half (12 of 25) of the teams in the BCS standings are two-loss teams, but based on the season to date, I find it hard to justify ranking BYU above any of the nine two-loss teams ahead of it. However, I feel good about BYU’s chances against Oklahoma State, Penn State, and maybe Wisconsin. I think BYU could pull off the win if they played LSU. Yes, I know that LSU is the highest rated two-loss team, but I think that is an inflated ranking. LSU has failed to impress me all year long. Plus, when you remind all those Gary Crowton recruits, especially those on defense, that he is the offensive coordinator for LSU, I think a BYU win is not unreasonable.

What is your reaction to the rankings?