Is BYU BCS Bound?

This week the BCS released its list of finalists for the 9 remaining BCS bowl spots. Ohio State has already guaranteed its spot in the Rose Bowl as Big 10 Champ. Included on the list is 9-2 BYU. At this point, BYU would have to be an at-large selection, which means BYU “must have nine regular-season victories and must be ranked in the top 14 of the final BCS standings, which will be compiled on December 6.” The Cougars are currently 19 in the BCS standings.

It is not impossible for BYU to move up the five spots necessary to qualify. Oklahoma State faces a tough test against Oklahoma despite the Sooners overall record. Oregon State faces Oregon in the Civil War. Clemson will play Georgia Tech in the ACC Championship Game. Miami’s quarterback is banged up and the Hurricanes still have a game against South Florida.

Regardless of BYU’s final position, BYU will not play in a BCS bowl. The BCS is playing a game of politics. Last year, BYU was number 18 in the BCS standings when the list of finalists was released and the Cougars were not on it. Even if TCU and Boise State lose all of their remaining games, one of them, at least, will be ranked above BYU, and that school will get the automatic berth for the school from the non-automatic qualifying conferences in the top 12.

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