BYU Athletic Director teases future game with Notre Dame

BYU fans can expect some of this--in Provo--sometime in the future (Source:

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish could be coming to Provo, after all. The BYU Football Media Day State of the Program was void of any concrete, breaking news, but BYU Athletic Director Tom Holmoe did tease that Notre Dame may be close to fulfilling its contractual obligation to come play a football game in Provo.

On the day that BYU announced it would leave the Mountain West Conference and become an independent, a six-game scheduling deal with Notre Dame was also announced. In total, four games would be played in South Bend, Indiana, and two games in Provo, Utah. However, it was expected to be more like two, three-game series. All six games were supposed to be played by 2020.

BYU played games at Notre Dame in 2012 and 2013. Now, it was Notre Dame's turn to come to LaVell Edwards Stadium. The Fighting Irish are not on the 2018 or 2019 schedules. The 2020 schedule is almost complete. Many Cougar fans have resigned that Notre Dame isn't going to come once, let alone twice, by 2020, if ever, as the contract stipulated.

Holmoe tells Cougar fans don't count Notre Dame out, yet.

He made sure it was clear Notre Dame "always intended" to fulfill its end of the deal and come to Provo, and that there has been "some talk" with the fellow independent school. Holmoe pointed out how Notre Dame entered into a scheduling agreement with the Atlantic Coast Conferene (ACC), which made scheduling a trip to BYU impossible during the time window in the contract.

Part of every game contract is a buyout provision. With all the scheduling complexities Notre Dame was facing, the Fighting Irish could have easily just written a check to BYU and moved on. In fact, they did cancel some games with Michigan. Holmoe made it clear that will not be the case.

He stressed that the two schools have a contract, and because of that agreement the two schools were committed to making it happen. That's when the tease came.

"What we are working out will be better than a check," Holmoe said.

Stay tuned.

BYU's future home schedules are much better than the early years of independence. Notre Dame would have greatly improved the 2014, 2015, or 2016 home schedule. Regardless, BYU will welcome the Fighting Irish to Provo any year.

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