BYU Football: Did you know? (Freshmen Running Backs vs. Utah State)

It isn’t often that the Brigham Young Cougars have a freshman as the primary ball carrier. However, when he is a freshman, he usually plays very well against Utah State.

Did you know that four BYU freshmen running backs have rushed for over 90 yards against Utah State?
Mark Atuaia, 1991—11 carries, 94 yards, 1 TD
Fahu Tahi, 1999—22 carries, 116 yards
Marcus Whalen, 2000—10 carries, 91 yards
Curtis Brown, 2002—33 carries, 217 yards, 3 TD

Totals: 76 carries, 518 yards, 4 TD
Averages: 19 carries, 129.5 yards, 1 TD

All four were true freshmen.

Can Jamaal Williams add his name to this list?

Two other true freshmen who didn't reach 90 yards still had impressive yard per carry averages.

Jamal Willis, 1991--6.0 ypc (8 carries, 48 yards)
Ronney Jenkins, 1996--8.7 ypc (6 carries, 52 yards)

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