BYU defense best in the nation against the run

Going into the weekend, the Brigham Young Cougars were the second best in the nation at defending the run. Now, they are number one.

BYU was 0.7 yards per game behind Rutgers with the Scarlet Knights allowing 62.5 yards per game to BYU's 63.2 average.

By holding Utah State to 40 yards rushing on Friday night, BYU lowered its average to 59.9 yards rushing allowed per game.

Rutgers played the Connecticut Huskies Saturday. Rutgers held UConn to 53 yards rushing, which also caused their average yards per game to decrease, but not nearly as much as BYU's did. Rutgers has now allowed 303 yards in five games, which gives them a 60.6 yards per game average.

The 0.7 yard difference has been reversed. BYU now leads Rutgers by the same margin that separated the two schools a week ago.

Stanford was number three a week ago allowing just 65 yards per game, but they gave up nearly twice that much (126) today against Arizona. Stanford's rushing defense is now 77.2 yards per game.

Alabama was number four allowing 65.8 yards. The Crimson Tide had a bye with week, so that number didn't change.

Florida State was the fifth best against the run before games were played this week. In five games, the Seminoles had given up 362 yards, which is five more yards than BYU has given up in six games. Unless the Seminoles can hold North Carolina State to -5 yards rushing, then they won't move ahead of BYU. At halftime, NC State has 27 yards rushing, so BYU looks to be safe.

The season is half over. BYU has some challenging games ahead, including Georgia Tech, who runs an option based offense. Watching whether BYU can hold onto this top spot will help keep things exciting the rest of the way.

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