Poll Results: Who would you start at running back the rest of 2011?

This poll has closed and the results are in. By a 65-35 margin, BYU fans would start Michael Alisa at running back over J.J. Di Luigi for the rest of 2011.

My vote would have been for J.J. Di Luigi.

While I was pleased to see Alisa run for 91 yards against San Jose State, I was never sold on him. Over the last three games, Di Luigi has outplayed Alisa. Di Luigi has more yards rushing (185 to 161) and he has a significantly better yards per carry average (7.4 to 4.7).

Both backs have scored two touchdowns. Both backs have a 40+ yard run.

What tips the scales to Di Luigi is the last two games. Di Luigi has played with consistency and proved that he can deliver against the better teams. Alisa did the opposite.

TCU shutdown Alisa. He had 11 yards on 6 carries. Di Luigi had 69 yards on 11 carries. When facing a good defense, Alisa didn't produce. When facing a bad defense, Alisa struggled to produce, as well.

Except for one play (42-yard touchdown), Alisa had a bad game against Idaho State. His other seven runs totaled just 24 yards. Five of his eight carries were three yards or less. When a terrible FCS defense can contain a back like that, it is no wonder that he fared so poorly against TCU. That kind of production does not warrant the starters role.

While Alisa brings a unique running style to the BYU offense, and he has earned playing time, he hasn't proved to be the best back on the team. Di Luigi has been that back and should be the starter.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Don't forget to vote in this week's poll: "Will BYU win its final 3 regular season games?"

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