My Nickname For Kyle Van Noy

After two weeks of campaigning for a nickname for Brigham Young Cougars linebacker Kyle Van Noy, during the TCU game I found one that suits me best.

Note: If you missed the movement BLUE COUGAR FOOTBALL started a few weeks ago to find a nickname for Van Noy, click here.

In the BYU game against TCU, there was something missing. In reality, a lot of things were missing. There was one, in particular, that I found myself asking aloud where it was. 

As BYU was trying to make a comeback in the second half, whenever TCU had the ball, I kept hoping for a big turnover by the Cougar defense. That is when it dawned on me: Van Noy had not made any noise.

No literal noise from pads cracking or from the crowd oooohing and aaaahing in response to a play Van Noy made. No figurative noise from a tackle-for-loss, sack, interception, or a forced or recovered fumble that changed the game.

Van Noy finished the game with 3 tackles. That’s it. No quarterback hurries, no tackles-for-loss. Just three tackles. That is his second lowest single-game total this year. At least, Van Noy had an interception in the game when he had fewer tackles.

In absence of noise from Van Noy, I caught myself saying multiple times, “BYU needs some Van Noise,” or “It’s time for some Van Noise,” or “Let’s go Van Noy; make some noise.” I have found the nickname I like for Van Noy.
Kyle Van Noise
I can’t take credit for it. During the movement, this nickname or something similar was suggested by two people: eyes4byu and Cougarbib2. Even though I didn’t have it listed as one of my top 5 last week, it is now my favorite.

I think it fits, and it wasn’t forced. I am adopting this nickname for Van Noy not because of the movement, but because it came about and evolved through a natural course of events.

With all due respect to the Van Noy family and everyone who sports one of the tees with “The Savage” on it, I am going to use “Van Noise.”

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