Poll Results: Should Kyle Van Noy wear the number 1 for the rest of the season?

The results are in, and 76% of voters were against the proposition that Kyle Van Noy continue to wear Jordan Pendleton's number 1 jersey.

I completely agree.

It was a great, classy tribute for Van Noy to don Pendleton's jersey on senior night. This tribute would be cheapened if Van Noy repeated it two more times. Van Noy, Brandon Ogletree, and anyone else can continue to wear the number 1 on their sleeves, but that special tribute should be limited to that special night designated to honor the seniors.

Had the injury to Pendleton been more serious (like paralysis), or if this was a case of a life being lost, then a season long tribute of this magnitude would probably be warranted.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Don't forget to vote in this week's poll: "Who do you start at QB against Hawaii?" (This assumes Riley Nelson makes the trip and is cleared by doctors.)

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