Poll Results: Who will be BYU’s leading rusher in 2012?

After finishing the 2012 season as the team’s second leading rusher, a majority of voters (58%) feel Michael Alisa will be the team’s leading rusher in 2012. Joshua “Juice” Quezada finished second in the poll with 25% of the votes. True freshman Jamaal Williams came in third with 9%, followed by redshirt freshman Adam Hine (6%) and quarterback Riley Nelson (2%).

As much as I want to see Quezada rebound from his injury plagued sophomore season, I agree that Alisa will probably be the team’s leading rusher in 2012.

Alisa came out of nowhere a year ago to rush for 455 yards on 85 carries. Almost all of those yards came in the final seven games of the regular season (Alisa did not play in the Armed Forces Bowl).

Football is a “what have you done for me lately” business. While Quezada had 505 yards rushing in 2010 as a freshman, his struggles last year will make it hard for Quezada to surpass Alisa on the depth chart. Contrast that with Williams and Hine who are both freshman who have only high school achievements to stand on.

In their limited game reps, Quezada, Williams, and Hine will have to do something spectacular to get into a position to finish with more rushing yards this season. Alisa will be playing with more confidence than last year, so it is not likely that he will be so bad that he looses playing time.

Nelson is the quarterback. He could finish the season with 500 yards rushing, but he would make history to be the leading rusher. Neither of BYU’s other two mobile quarterbacks (Brandon Doman and Steve Young) were the team’s leading rusher for an entire season.

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