Poll Results: If BYU Lost The 1988 Freedom Bowl, Does Ty Detmer Start In 1989?

The voting has concluded and the results are in. By a unanimous decision, Ty Detmer would have been the starting quarterback in 1989 even if he did not lead BYU back to win the 1988 Freedom Bowl. This is the first poll question that has been unanimous.

I would have to agree.
The way it played out, the Freedom Bowl closed the door. Detmer would be the 1989 starter. Even without the Freedom Bowl heroics, the door had already started to close. Detmer was clearly the better quarterback. When you send in the backup to replace the starter in each of the final three games of the season the starter is not getting the job done and someone else needs a chance. If Detmer's efforts to lead the comeback in the Freedom Bowl fell short, the door would not have been closed at that time. However, Sean Covey would have still had surgery and missed all of spring practice. The door would have shut on Covey's chances to retain the starting position during the spring. Detmer had the momentum at the end of 1988 and by playing spring all by himself increased that momentum. Therefore, win or lose in the Freedom Bowl, Detmer would have started in 1989.

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