Poll Results: How will BYU do in the New Mexico Bowl?

This poll has closed and the results make it very clear that the BYU fan base has a lot of confidence in the team right now. Only 5% of voters said BYU would lose. The other 95% think BYU will win, and most of them think it won't be close. The largest vote getter was "win by 20+" with 41%, followed by "win by 10-20" with 38%. "Win by less than 10" came in third with the remaining 15%.

Personally, I think the game is going to be closer than most of us want it to be. UTEP will come out very motivated and keep the game from getting out of reach. I am going to say BYU wins by 10-20, but it may be less than 10 because UTEP scores some garbage points very late in the game.

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