BYU Pro Day

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In case you didn't hear, BYU had its pro day yesterday, March 10. Jan Jorgensen, Max Hall, Dennis Pitta, Andrew George, Manase Tonga, Shawn Doman, and Tevita Hola participated. Curtis Brown and Jonny Harline also ran tests for the scouts on hand.

The most newsworthy thing that happened was Max Hall improving his 40 time by one tenth of a second to 4.7. As expected, Pitta attracted the most attention. He was his usual self and caught everything thrown to him. With the big spotlight on Pitta, it was impossible for light not to shine on George as well.

For me, however, the biggest story to me was that Coleby Clawson was not present. He might not be as great as Rob Morris and Bryan Kehl were (both former Cougars were present yesterday), but I thought he was good enough to get the attention of some pro teams.