Max Hall won the Super Bowl

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Yes, the above statement is false. Max Hall did not dress as Drew Brees and play in Super Bowl XLIV for the New Orleans Saints. In fact, with Austin Collie on the Colts side of the ball, Hall probably wasn't even rooting for the Saints. However, the Saints' Super Bowl win and Drew Brees' MVP selection has me think that Max Hall was a winner Super Bowl Sunday.

Brees and Hall are similar in size. ESPN lists Brees as 6-0, 209 lbs. and Hall as 6-1, 201 lbs. Brees used his accuracy in a short passing game to quarterback the Saints to victory. One of Hall's assets is his accuracy. One of Hall's drawbacks is his arm strength, but arm strength was a knock on Brees, too, when he came out of Purdue in 2000.

Now that Brees has shown that a team can win a Super Bowl with a quarterback like him, shouldn't that increase Max Hall's draft stock?