BYU Football: Did you know? (Points by Placekickers)

Now that the season is over, Blue Cougar Football will return to the offseason format for the weekly trivia post.

BYU placekickers scored a total of 66 points in 2017 (Rhett Almond-61, Andrew Mikkelsen-5).
Did you know that the last time BYU's placekickers scored less than 66 points was 2003?
In 2003, Matt Payne was the exclusive placekicker for the BYU Cougars. He scored just 62 points (14 field goals, 20 extra points).

Going back further, the second to last time was 1997. Owen Pochman was BYU's only placekicker that season. He scored just 56 points (9 FG, 29 XP).

Almond was also the team's leading scorer this year. The last time BYU's leading scorer had fewer than 61 points in the season was 1991. Eric Drage led the team with 60 points that season. However, BYU split the placekicking duties that year--much more evenly than the Cougars did this season. Earl Kauffman scored 47 points (5 FG, 32 XP), and Keith Lever scored 21 points (1 FG, 18 XP). That is a total of 68 points.

The last time BYU's leading scorer had less than 61 points, and the placekickers on the team didn't score more than 61 points was 1974. Jeff Blanc scored 60 points that season, and the placekickers combined for 54 points (Dev Duke-29, Mark Uselman-25).

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