Poll Results: Which defensive stat was most impressive versus Washington State?

In a landslide (86%), the most impressive Brigham Young Cougars defensive stat versus Washington State was -5 rushing yards. The other 14 percent were evenly split for 229 passing yards (7%) and 5 of 15 third down conversions (7%).

I, too, find the -5 yards rushing to be the most impressive.

It doesn’t matter how many total rush attempts the opponent makes. If the rushing yards are negative, that is impressive. Only one other time in the Bronco Mendenhall era has BYU held an opponent to less than 0 yards (UTEP, -12, 2010). Perhaps, what is most impressive about the -5 rushing yards allowed is that it puts BYU at second in the nation for rushing yards allowed per game (Illinois is first with -6 yards).

The 229 yards passing by itself isn’t very impressive. It currently ranks 70th in the nation. Knowing that this was Mike Leach’s offense and Washington State only threw the ball 45 times is a little more impressive. The 229 yards on 45 attempts is just 5.1 yards per attempt. That comes in at number 27 nationally.

BYU doesn’t rank very high on the list for third down conversions allowed. Tied for number 49, to be exact. Oregon, LSU, and Georgia all had the same 33.3% conversion percentage. Impressive company. I don’t know where 33.3% will rank at the end of the year, but if BYU can hold all opponents to 33% conversions on third down, then BYU will win a lot of games.

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