Poll Results: Did last weekend make you more confident that BYU will beat Utah?

Most Brigham Young Cougars fans (77%) became more confident that BYU would beat Utah tonight after seeing the way BYU played against Weber State and the way Utah lost to Utah State. Only 15% did not become more confident, while 8% were undecided how last weekend impacted their level of confidence.

I fit in with the 15%. My confidence did not increase.

The bottom line is this: BYU has not had an easy game against Utah since 1996. It didn't matter that BYU was 10-0 in 2001, or that the 2006 BYU team beat nationally ranked TCU by two touchdowns. BYU led 20-6 in the second half in 2009, but the game still ended up going into overtime. So, forgive me for not jumping for jubilee when I saw starting quarterback Jordan Wynn retire, or when Utah State jumped out to a 13-0 lead and won 27-20.

Utah State has given BYU problems the last two years. The Utah quarterback position can be in shambles all year long, but when it comes time to play BYU that doesn't matter.

Yes, I am confident that BYU will win tonight, but the last two decades of this rivalry has taught me to not take anything for granted. Until BYU breaks through and gets a big win over Utah, there is a ceiling to my confidence level, and that was already reached before last weekend.

I am excited for tonight, and look forward to celebrating another BYU win.

Thank you to everyone who voted in this poll. A new poll question will be up on the site shortly after the Utah game. Don't forget to come back and make your voice heard.


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