Not Much Has Changed For BYU Since Last Playing Weber State 33 Years Ago

The Brigham Young Cougars and the Weber State Wildcats are separated by only 75 miles. With BYU a FBS school and Weber State in the FCS, the two schools don’t play each other often in football. It has been 33 years since the two schools last played, but not much has changed.
First, the years before these two meetings (1978 and 2011) both have a win-loss record that looks good on paper, but the seasons left a sour taste in the mouth of fans. On each occasion, part of that sour taste was due to quarterback controversy and a loss to Utah.

Second, the two teams will meet in the second game of the season. BYU played Texas A&M to open the 1979 season before playing Weber State. One week ago, BYU opened the season against Washington State.

Third, BYU received a lot of national media attention after both season opening wins. In 1979, Texas A&M was ranked number 14 when BYU knocked them off, 18-17. Plus, this was a win deep in the heart of Texas where football was king. The Washington State game attracted a lot of attention last week with the return of Mike Leach. BYU stole the show and caught the nation’s eye.

Fourth, BYU is still the alpha cat. In the last meeting, BYU won 48-3 and rolled up 707 yards of total offense, while limiting Weber State to just 109. Similar results are expected this Saturday.

In these respects, BYU football 2012 and 1979 are very much alike through two games.

Hopefully, the two seasons can continue to mirror each other for several more games. The 1979 team finished the regular season 11-0, including a 27-0 win over Utah. Not much worth changing there.

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