Poll Results: What will Jake Heaps’ Pass Efficiency Rating Be In 2011?

The consensus was (42%) that Jake Heaps would have a pass efficieny rating in the 160-169.9 range this year. The 150-159.9 range came in second with 29%. The 170 or higher range had 21%, while the below 150 came in last with 8%.

I tend to agree that Heaps will be somewhere in the 160s.
I would like to be with you 21% voters, especially since I expect him to have some very high pass efficiency ratings in the WAC games, but I think the first two games will prevent his rating from reaching the 170 range. I expect Heaps will play well enough to win the first two games, but his efficiency won’t be anything special. Similar to John Beck in 2006. For all of his amazing play the last half to 2/3 of the season, the Arizona and Boston College games early in the year limited him to a 169.1 rating in 2006. Heaps will probably throw fewer passes in the WAC games, since they will be blowouts, which means they will have less of an impact on his rating as a whole for the season.

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