Poll Results: Were You Satisfied With BYU's Media Day?

The results are in, and 78% of voters were satisfied with the BYU Media Day, despite the fact that no major announcements were made.

I, too, was satisfied.
Over the last 10 months since BYU announced independence, BYU has been more active than usual with press releases and the such, and it has almost become expected that BYU will announce something big, but that is not the purpose of the annual media day. The annual media day is nothing more than a sophisticated pep rally. It focuses on the upcoming season and the current team.

With that in mind, I loved it. The ESPN love fest was great. No one will be on ESPN more than BYU this year. The access for media and fans near and far was great. Some people might have thought that the media day was just a rehash of the same old topics surrounding independence, but if you listened closely, a lot of new ideas were shared on the same old topics. Perhaps the one I liked best, was Dave McCann chiming in that NBC continues to renew its contract with Notre Dame even though the Fighting Irish have not been a great team for the better part of 15 years.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Don't forget to vote in this week's poll: "What will Jake Heap's pass efficiency rating bein 2011?"

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