Thumbs up to BYU's 2018 football slogan "Built not Born"

Word got out about a week ago that the 2018 slogan for BYU Cougars football is "Built not Born." I haven't paid close enough attention to put together an exhaustive list of slogans, or to definitively say that this is an annual thing. However, we can all remember the "Quest for Perfection" in 2008, and the mantra "Band of Brothers" under head coach Bronco Mendenhall. With a little research, I found a few more: This is Y, Rise as One, Fully Invested, and Rise Up. I also remember billboards along I-15 in the 1990s with the slogan: Think Win-Win.

According to the article written by Dick Harmon, the players seem to have embraced the "Built not Born" slogan. Now, what about the fans? The slogan isn't just for the players. It is a piece in the marketing puzzle to get fans excited for the season, to sell t-shirts and other merchandise, and to fill the stadium on game day. Blue Cougar Footbal asked site visitors and Twitter followers the question: What do you think of BYU's 2018 slogan "Built not born"? The official results are below.
Official Result
40% Two thumbs up
34% One thumb up
18% One thumb down
8% Two thumbs down 
The results are clear cut; fans give it the thumbs up. Two out of five give it two thumbs up, and another third give it one thumb up. Combined, that is very close to three out of four fans with a positive feeling about the slogan.

The message behind the slogan is pretty obvious. It is a succinct way to state the lesson learned from the 4-9 season in 2017. Winning has never been a birthright for BYU football. A lot of work was done to build the great tradition that is here today. If an equal amount of work isn't continuously put into it, then it will fall. Nothing should be taken for granted.

Cosmo's Stepson had an appropriate response on Twitter.

That is a great way to explain what a "one thumb up" vote represents. It reminds me of a couple of years ago when I was at the local YMCA working out. The management there had several motivational signs on the walls. It was similar to the weight room in my high school. My purpose for lifting weights in high school was to be a better football player and javelin thrower. I needed to think about putting in the extra work that would give me an edge over my competition by doing one more rep and making sure I didn't miss a day. In 2018, there is little, if any, benefit to me besides general health for exercise. I don't need outside forces to push me to do more. That sums up my position on the slogan, too.

The commercial aspect of the slogan is really secondary to putting a great product on the field. If it moves the needle with the players amd recruits, good. They are the ones who will make the real difference.

"Built not Born" is good enough to not embarrass the football program and the university. As noted, the players are on board, so I don't see a reason to complain.

Thank you to everyone who voted. A breakdown of the votes from each polling source is below. Please vote in this week's poll: What is better public relations for BYU football?

 Vote Breakdown 
64% (14)
 Two Thumbs Up
28% (12)
27% (6)
 One Thumb Up 
37% (16)
 4.5% (1)
 One Thumb Down 
 26% (11) 
 4.5% (1) 
 Two Thumbs Down 
9% (4)
 100% (22)
 100% (43) 

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