Brigham Young Cougars set three Poinsettia Bowl records, tie three others

The Brigham Young Cougars extended their school record for most consecutive bowl wins to four last week when they won the Poinsettia Bowl. BYU also continued its streak record setting play in bowl games. BYU set or tied six official Poinsettia Bowl records.

Ezekiel Ansah was the first to enter the record books when he intercepted a pass on San Diego State's first drive of the game. He tied the record for most passes intercepted. Later in the game, Kyle Van Noy and Alani Fua would tie that same record with interceptions of their own.

Van Noy and Jordan Johnson tied the record for most fumbles recovered with one each.

Just as BLUE COUGAR FOOTBALL said it was possible a week before the game, Cody Hoffman broke the record set in 2005 of nine pass receptions by catching 10 passes from James Lark. 

Early in the fourth quarter, Lark tied the dubious record for most interceptions thrown with two. By the end of the game, the San Diego State quarterback overtook Lark and held the record all by himself with three.

As a team, BYU impacted the record books by holding San Diego State to just six points. It was the fewest points allowed breaking the old record of seven set in 2006.

The 29 points that BYU and San Diego State combined to score was a new record for overall scoring futility. The old record was 33 points set by Boise State and TCU in the 2008 game.

Although both teams had a lot of turnovers, BYU and San Diego State still combined for 15 punts in the game (BYU 8, San Diego State 7), which tied the record for most punts by both teams. TCU and Northern Illinois combined for 15 punts in 2006.

According to the Voice of the Cougars Greg Wrubell, BYU and San Diego State set a Poinsettia Bowl record for most turnovers by combining for 8 (San Diego State 5, BYU 3). However, that record category is not listed on the Poinsettia Bowl's website. In reality, there are many other records that BYU probably set. Five turnovers forced is probably a record. It is hard to imagine that another defensive player has scored two touchdowns, so it can be said that Van Noy holds the record for most defensive touchdowns scored. BYU probably holds the team record for most defensive touchdowns scored. BYU scored 20 points in the fourth quarter. That might be the most points scored in one quarter. Unfortunately, the Poinsettia Bowl's online record book isn't very comprehensive; therefore, these other possible records cannot be verified.

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  1. Only relevant stat: Since the Edwards era ('72),

    BYU has won 54 games out of 134 against NOW BCS

    teams (incl. ND, Boise, no UT). That's 40%!!!

    No wonder BYU wants no part of the BCS!!!


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