Thursday Trivia: Bronco Mendenhall's Record At LaVell Edwards Stadium

The correct answer to the last trivia question, "How many times has BYU won 10 games or more in a season after winning just 7 the year before?" is 1. After posting a 7-4 record in 1995, BYU won 14 games in 1996. Before 2010, BYU had won exactly 7 games in a season just three times (1972 and 1974 were the other two times).

On to this week's question.

As pointed out twice this week, BYU will play seven games at home this year. Therefore, this week’s trivia question takes a look at BYU’s play at home.
What is BYU’s record at LaVell Edwards Stadium under Head Coach Bronco Mendenhall?
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  1. i'm pretty sure we've lost 5 conference games, and i know we started 2 seasons 1-2 so that'll add 2 then we lost to nevada last year so i'll go with 8 losses, 22 wins?

  2. err wait i need to add 6 more games to that so 8-28

  3. 30-6 3 losses in 2005 (BC,Utah and TCU) 2 in 2009 (FSU and TCU) and 1 in 2010 (Nevada)


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