Ty Detmer Interview--Submit Questions

I will be interviewing 1990 Heisman Trophy winner Ty Detmer tomorrow. I have prepared my list of questions for him, but I wanted to give all of you the opportunity to get an answer to questions of your own.

I will select two from all that are submitted, either via email (bluecougarfootball@gmail.com) or in the comments section below.

The Editor appreciates all feedback. He can be reached via email at bluecougarfootball@gmail.com


  1. Two-parter (cheap technique, but effective):

    1. You are interviewing for a coaching position at BYU. How do you respond to the following? "Tell us what changes and improvements can be made to the BYU offense to make it better."

    2. Due in large part to your brilliant response, you are offered a position as an offensive coach under Brandon Doman. (You can name the position.) Do you accept?

  2. What was your personal checklist or system for reading defenses before each snap?

  3. "Ty, you or Jimmer - who wins in a game of backgammon?"


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