Thursday Trivia: Tackles by the 1996 Linebackers

The correct answer to the last trivia question "Prior to 1976, what two seasons did the BYU football team win 8 games?" is 1966 and 1932. BYU was 8-2 in 1966 and 8-1 in 1932.

On to this week's question. Yesterday’s flashback highlighted the 1991, 1996, and 2006 linebackers. It was clear that the linebackers were the ones who make most of the tackles. This week’s trivia question asks:
How many tackles did Shay Muirbrook, Brad Martin, and Dennis Simmons combine to make in 1996?
Leave your answer in the comments section. Come back next week when the answer is revealed and a new trivia question is asked.

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