Brigham Young Cougars Pro Day

The Brigham Young Cougars held their annual Pro Day on March 9. While no former Cougars were invited to the NFL combine last month, a few might have been impressive enough to find their way onto NFL rosters, hopefully, for 2011. The group of eight consisted of Mitch Payne, Zeke Mendenhall, Luke Ashworth, Jason Speredon, Andrew Rich, Brandon Bradley, Brian Logan, and Vic So’oto.

So’oto impressed the most. He scored high marks on the bench press (35 reps of 225 pounds) and the 40 yard dash (4.5 seconds). To put the 40 time into perspective, it is the same speed that cornerback Brian Logan ran the 40 (that begs the question, how fast would Logan be if he was 6’3 and not 5’6”).

Logan was the best jumper recording a 37.5 inch vertical jump. Size might limit him to free agency, but he should get a shot somewhere.

So’oto might have worked himself into one of the later rounds of the draft. Size and speed are what kept Jan Jorgensen from getting a chance at the next level, despite a nice body of work on the field. So'oto doesn't have the same playing resume as Jorgensen did, but with the size and speed tools he will find a home.

As for the others, Rich and Payne probably have the next best chances of making a squad.

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