Poll Results: Was hiring Joe DuPaix a good move?

The latest poll has closed, and it was nearly unanimous (92%) that hiring Joe DuPaix as an assistant coach was a good move.

Right now, I would agree that hiring Joe DuPaix was a good move. I am planning to comment in depth about each hire when the coaching staff is fully in place for 2011. For now, let me say that I think it is good to have someone coming from a run heavy system. That doesn't mean BYU is looking to become run heavy, but DuPaix can share new ideas with Doman and Bronco. Additionally, even if you aren't going to run the ball often, you still want to be good at it when you do. Another side of this hire is that DuPaix comes from Navy--another independent program. He can help as BYU encounters unforeseen challenges of being independent since he has gone through several seasons with an independent school.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Don't forget to vote in this week's poll: "Who is the best recruit in the 2011 class?"

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