Poll Results: Does the BYU coaching staff need more "diversity"?

The poll results are in for the question: Does the BYU coaching staff need more "diversity"? The majority (84%) voted "No."

To simply dismiss diversity as a non-issue is being naive. Although it shouldn't matter, it does matter to some people for them to see coaches who have the same background as them. Bronco Mendenhall has made his selections, so the best way to address the diversity issue is to have the players in the program leave with a positive experience that they can and want to share with future prospective recruits. Whether or not more diversity is needed I would say "No" as well. The lack of diversity may make some recruits more hesitant, but if they can talk to former players and get positive feedback, that should be enough to overcome any reservations.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Don't forget to vote in this week's question: "What has to happen for Heaps-hype to match or exceed Jimmer-mania?" (You can select more than one answer)

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