Thursday Trivia: Most Total Offense In Bronco Mendenhall Era

The correct answer to last week’s trivia question "How many times has BYU played in a bowl game after Christmas day?" is 13. BYU has played before Christmas 15 times and on Christmas Day once (Aloha Bowl, 1992). The first bowl game BYU played after Christmas was also their very first bowl game—1974 Fiesta Bowl (December 28).

On to this week’s question. BYU averaged 366.5 yards of total offense per game in 2010. It was, by far, the worst average since Bronco Mendenhall took over as coach in 2005. For this week’s trivia question, let’s go to the other end of the spectrum.
What is the MOST yards of total offense, per game, by BYU since Bronco took over as head coach in 2005 (Bonus Point if you get the year right)?
Leave your answer in the comments section. Come back next week when the answer is revealed and a new trivia question is asked.

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  1. I'm gonna guess the year was 2007. I have no idea what the average yardage was.


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