Thursday Trivia: Consensus All-Americans

The correct answer to last week’s trivia question "The year that the most BYU players were named first team all-conference was what year?" is 1979. BYU had 13 players named first team All-WAC (8 offense, 5 defense). Those players were:
Lloyd Jones, wide receiver
Clay Brown, tight end
Tom Bell, offensive line
Nick Eyre, offensive line
Danny Hansen, offensive line
Scott Nielson, offensive guard
Marc Wilson, quarterback
Homer Jones, running back
Glen Titensor, defensive end
Glen Redd, linebacker
Gary Kama, linebacker
John Neal, defensive back
Bill Schoepflin, defensive back
With an 11-0 regular season record and no conference game being closer than 23 points, this Cougar squad proved on the field that they were a level above the competition. The post season honors appropriately reflected it.

The next step after all-conference is All-American. Scores of BYU Cougars have earned that honor as well. I don’t expect any BYU players to be named All-American this year. Just last year, however, tight end Dennis Pitta was not only named All-American, he was a consensus All-American. This week’s question is:
How many times has a BYU player been consensus All-American?
Leave your answer in the comments section. Come back next week when the answer is revealed and a new trivia question is asked.

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