Poll Results: How does Will Muschamp leaving Texas impact BYU's chances of beating Texas in 2011?

Our latest poll question has closed. The majority (56%) think that BYU's chances of beating Texas in 2011 improved with Will Muschamp leaving his position as defensive coordinator for the Longhorns and taking the head coaching job at Florida. The other 44% think that Muschamp's move will have no impact on the outcome of the BYU-Texas game next September. Zero people voted that this would hurt BYU's chances to win.

I agree with the majority this time. Muschamp was the best defensive coordinator in the nation. It is impossible for the Texas defense not to take a step back, at least early in the season, with Muschamp's departure. While I think it improves BYU's chances to win, it is far from being the X factor. If BYU wins this game next season, it will be because of what BYU does, not because of something that happens at Texas. I am talking about execution, game planning, preparation, and player maturation.

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