Poll Results: When will Bronco Mendenhall stop coaching at BYU?

By more than 2/3 majority, Brigham Young Cougars head coach Bronco Mendenhall will not stop coaching at BYU until sometime after the 2017 season. The exact percentage was 67%. The next highest vote getter was 2017 with 10%, followed by 2015 (9%), 2016 (7%), 2014 (4%), and 2013 (3%).

I am going to throw a dart at the wall and guess 2016.

I can accept that Mendenhall doesn't want to stay longer than five more years. Mendenhall has made comments that the seven years he has been head coach at BYU is already a long time. The 2016 date would be the end of another three-year contract after his current three year deal expires. It leaves BYU two years before having to negotiate a new deal with ESPN, if BYU is still an independent, which gives whoever the next coach is a year to get his feet wet before the critical "contract" year in 2018. He would also leave the cupboard pretty well stocked. Among others, quarterback Tanner Mangum would still have at least two more years before graduating.

Most importantly, I am convinced that Mendenhall has a lot of other goals and aspirations for life that he cannot do right now because of the time constraints that coaching places on him. While he loves the players, the game, and the job, football doesn't define him. With the assumption that his financial house is in really good order, he won't "need" to coach any longer than he and his wife want to coach.

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