Poll Results: Who Would You Most Like To See BYU Play?

The results are in, and the team that BYU fans would most like to see BYU play is Ohio State (33%). Next came USC with 27%. Penn State received 20% of the vote, Nebraska had 10%, Wisconsin got 3%, and 7% of voters selected “Other.”

All of these opponents would make for great games. However, from the specific teams listed, I would have voted for Nebraska.
BYU has never played the Cornhuskers. I really want to see BYU play teams they have never faced. Plus, the Cornhuskers have a huge fan following and they are very respected nationally. A BYU win would not be taken lightly.

Ohio State would be second on my list. After three bowl losses to the Buckeyes (two of them painful losses), it would feel great to see BYU beat them. Ohio State has also been rather vocal about being superior to certain teams in college football, so it is about time they walk the talk.

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