Poll Results: Who should be the next player(s) to have his jersey retired?

The results to this question favored Jim McMahon and his number 9 jersey with 48%. The trio of number 6 players (Marc Wilson, Robbie Bosco, Luke Staley) were second with 36%. Jason Buck (#99) got the remaining 16%.

I would be part of the super minority on this one. I think Jason Buck should be next. As a quick reminder, here are the requirements:

“The criteria for a former student-athlete's jersey number to be retired are: must have been a first-team all-American and a recipient of a major national award; a university graduate; achieved significant athletic, civic or religious accomplishments after graduation from BYU; must be a faithful member of the Church or other religious affiliation; and a 15-year period must have passed since finishing his or her BYU athletic career.”

Assuming all the non-football requirements to have been met, I think Buck deserves to be recognized the most. As I have argued before, BYU needs to do more to recognize the defensive side of the ball. The defensive tradition is much stronger than most people realize. The 5 players who have had their numbers retired are all offensive players. Buck is the only defensive player to meet the criteria. I have heard some rumors that BYU and Buck have had a falling out recently. If true, I would hope that both parties can mend this rift and get number 99 up on the LaVell Edwards Stadium press box soon.

Additionally, five more years need to pass by before Staley will be eligible. Jake Heaps is currently wearing number 9, and he has the potential to qualify for a retired jersey by the time he finishes his career. As BYU did with Gifford Nielsen and Ty Detmer, they probably want to wait to do 6 and/or 9 when all possible players are eligible so the ceremony can be done together. 

Thank you to everyone who voted. Don’t forget to vote in this week’s poll: “If BYU lost the 1988 Freedom Bowl, does Ty Detmer start in 1989?”

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  1. Doesn't Mo Elewonibi meet the criteria as well? He also won the Outland Trophy.

  2. Mo has had some problems with life after BYU. If you go to the Cougar Chasing page you will find a link to his story. That is why I left him off the list.

    Not sure if he would fit the criteria.


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